A little bit about us...

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Smoulder & Scorch was set up to demostrate good food using local produce with minimal impact to the enviroment. Our BBQs are hand crafted using what we can find in reclamation yards or other unloved bits and bobs, the tables are made from old school desks and reclaimed scaffold boards, we use reclaimed wooden veg boxes when we go to market. Everything we do is for the good of what is around us!


Run By Seasoned Chefs

Smoulder and scorch is owned by a chef who has worked in the hospitality industry for over 10 years, he decided fine dining is not his passion, he is more passionatte about building memories and cooking hearty food with big flavours! With the help of a few close friends smoulder and scorch has been set up to provide many different services. All of the ingriedients are sourced loacally and we work with the best butchers to supply top quality produce. Being able to source our ingridients directly gives us an edge and ability to cut out the middle man.


Proffesional, affordable.

With us you can excpect top class service, we can do everything from  wedding catering to a surprise party at home.



Charcuterie Canapés

Charcuterie canapé service, we will slice a selection of local air dried and cured meats to enjoy as canapés before your meal. We come with our own meat slicers  and our staff will serve  your  guests with ease. The service comes with Grissinni sticks,  olives from the Cornish olive stall,  as well as stuffed peppers, and marinated artichokes. 

A perfect alternative to traditional canapés!

£850  for  100  Guests  


£9.00  EA  

BBQ, We are the masters!

A small glimpse of our capabilities...

Please note the minimum amount we cater for is 30 people unless loacted in glastonbury. All bookings are subject to a deposit to secure the date, all balances to be paid in full 14 days before the event by cleared funds. We require access to clean water and need to be able to get on site 2 hours before sometimes more depending on what food is to be cooked. Please see the upcoming events page to pay deposit once the menu has been agreed

This list is not exhaustive and we can cook to any clients requests popular choices are as follows;

Beef/Lamb Burgers

Pulled Pork Shoulders

Smoked Beef Brisket

Pork or Lamb Sausages

Smoked Chicken Legs

Chicken Wings

Roasted Lamb Legs

 Baked Gammon

Butterflied Leg Of Lamb

Cured Salmon Fillet (Cooked directly in the coals)

Smoked Chicken Wings

Half Chickens


Tri Tip

Beef Skirt

Lamb Racks

Loin Of Pork

Half a Hog

Whole Fish

Vegetarian choices include

Chick Peas Sloppy Joes

Pulled Aubergine Baps

Halloumi Burgers or skewers

Chick Pea Tacos

Loaded Sweet Potatos

Mediteranean Vegetable Skewers


Hog Roast

Weddings, College Balls, Parties, Charity Events, Corporate Events anytime, anywhere.

We do our hog roasts a little different, we dont cook the pig whole but break it into smaller primal cuts. We cook each piece differently, we will smoke some of the shoulder braise some belly and even make pork chops. The loin will be left whole and traditional, it is all cooked over charcoal and wood. The price includes apple sauce two staff disposable crockery and we clear all of our mess before we leave. 

Basic Hog Roast

50 People £550

100 People £625

150 People £825

Buns, Apple Sauce, Staff, Salad, Disposable Crockery

Homemade salads options include

Fennel Slaw

Pesto & Watercress Pasta

Violet Potato Salad

Local Leaves

Chilean Salad

Bulgar Wheat & Cranberry Pilaf

£3.00 per head for a choice of three

For dessert we can offer a range of 'deluxe' doughnuts at £1.75 Each

Crockery can be hired at an additional fee,  

Plates at £0.25 per unit

Knifes, Forks, Spoons  £0.20 per unit


Doughnut & sweets stall

Need a pudding? OrIf you have a sweet tooth this really is a great option for any event!

We will set up a table for 100 gourmet doughnuts and kilner jars of your favourite sweets, included are some retro style paper bags for your guests to take away. The doughnuts are probably the best you will ever see, they’re huge and come in  variety of amazing flavours from white chocolate and pecan to pistachio and orange.

This package can come as part of your catering for a big day or can even be left with you for a birthday celebration. We can tailor this package to any amount of people just get in touch! 

£250 for 100 people

Coffee & Tea

Coffee and tea for all guests, can be served at any point of the day, we will need access to power to use the machines.  All sugar milk etc will be provided please advise us of any dietary requirements so we can source alternative milk! 

Priced at:

£280 for 100 guests 

£3.00 per cup 

Cup Hire £0.20 EA

Saucer Hire £0.15 EA


Cheese Hamper

Cheeseboard & Chutneys

For a business lunch, day out, or just because why not order one of our cheese boards ready to go, it will come with a selection of artisan cheeses. Our favourite chutneys, fruits and peters yard biscuits. Ideal and hassle free. We will deliver anywhere within 15 miles of Glastonbury for free, a small charge will be made to go further. Please note the minimum order is for 10 people and this is priced at £10 per person. 

For an enquiry press the button below

A few of our favourites include;

Whitelakes driftwood


Farleigh Wallop

Isle of Wight blue


Longmans XXX

Bath soft